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Recommended For Truck, Bus and Mobile Air Brake, and Service Lines Where Heat and Battery Acids are Not Present

Brotec is one of the most experienced manufacturers and suppliers of nylon tubing and nylon piping in Melbourne, delivering stock and customised products to customers

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Superior cold weather flexibility and abrasion resistance; UV and ozone resistant nylon; Conforms to our own rigorous qualification and inspection testing which

Nylon Tubing. Flexible & Semi-Flexible Nylon Tubing. Hudson Nylon 6, 6/6, 11, 12 tubing is used in applications requiring good abrasion resistance, stiffness and

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NewAge Industries Nylotube – nylon tubing in both nylon-11 and nylon-12 formulations, Nylon’s elastic memory is exceptional and can withstand repeated flexing over a

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U.S. Plastic Corp.® carries a huge line of nylon tubing. Nylon tubing is resistant to solvents, alkalies, oils, greases, petroleum products, fungus and molds.

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Premium quality Nylon Tubing is manufactured by us, a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of various types of industrial tubing products. These include the

Nylon tubing offers an alternative to traditional plastic tubing. Nylon tubing is lightweight, corrosion and abrasion resistant and has long been considered a rugged

Freelin-Wade offers a wide range of nylon tubing options. For more information about our catalog, call 888-373-9233.

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Trailer Parts Superstore offers a wide selection of truck and tractor trailer bulk Air Brake Tubing. Phillips’ TYPE-B Nylon tubing features a multi-layered

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